About DOT Kenya

Harnessing the power of youth, DOT Kenya transforms young people to become leaders of change.

Digital Opportunity Trust (DOT) is a leading international social enterprise headquartered in Canada with local operations in 14 countries around the globe, including Kenya.

Harnessing the power of youth, DOT Kenya transforms young people ("DOT Interns") to become leaders of change as they deliver information and communications technology (ICT) training in their own communities.

DOT's unique youth-led programs empower people living in communities that are developing, in transition, or under stress with the confidence to use technology for entrepreneurial, community, educational, and personal development.

DOT Kenya is currently implementing ReachUp!, StartUp! and Corporate Leadership and Volunteering programs in 16 counties in Kenya.

DOT Kenya's vision is to become a model youth initiative for the region, and to drive community and economic development at a grassroots level -- powered by the energy and enthusiasm of youth, enabled by the application of ICTs.

DOT Kenya's Programs

DOT Kenya's programs serve the ICT for Development market in Kenya by:

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  • Positively changing public perception of Information and Communication Technologies
  • Providing easily accessible programs that fit market needs
  • Promoting entrepreneurship and innovation through linkages to local business resources at the community level
  • Driving community-based social and economic development through the application of 21st century skills
DOT Kenya runs programs that focus on the capacity development of young people.
DOT Interns are young graduates from Kenyan universities who act as trainers, mentors and coaches to vulnerable people (women, youth, unemployed) in their own communities by delivering the ReachUp! and StartUp! programs in partnership with various Kenyan Community-Based Organizations and educational institutions.
DOT's programs equip community participants with tools and capabilities that will help them to advance their economic status by building successful, sustainable livelihoods. The program emphasizes entrepreneurship, basic business concepts, self-esteem, advocacy, and recognizing existing opportunities that can lead to job creation.


Established in 2006, DOT Kenya has trained 409 new graduates (DOT Interns) to facilitate the ReachUp! program; those new graduates have themselves equipped 72,534 women and young people with ICT and workforce readiness skills.

DOT Vision

"To eradicate poverty, vulnerability and gender inequality by giving all people the skills and knowledge to use technology to achieve educational, social and economic opportunities."

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