Become a Partner

DOT Kenya’s work is stronger thanks to the partnerships we create between local communities and the public, private, and civil sectors. Our partners provide us with critical resources, including funding, business and industry knowledge, and the local support we need to deliver our programs.

Our partnerships have helped us transform the lives of thousands of young people and women, and will help us transform the lives of thousands more.

We work directly with partners to support youth-led innovation. We collaborate with partners to provide young leaders with business skills training, financial assets, and mentors. Our partners make it possible to mobilize the potential of young people and the power of technology in Kenya.

DOT Kenya’s partners:

DOT Kenya has cultivated a dynamic partner ecosystem of public, private, and community-based organizations in Kenya. We are grateful for these partners’ support in helping us create opportunities and transform communities.

To learn more about partnership opportunities with DOT Kenya, please contact us:

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