ReachUp! is DOT's foundational empowerment program and is the entry point for all DOT community participants. ReachUp! comprises of life, ICT and 21st century work skills integrated with financial literacy content. The program empowers youth and women with the confidence to use technology for individual and community development. ReachUp! program aims to make technology meaningful and relevant to people's day-to-day lives and through partnerships with employers and the private sector, to connect young people to work experience and employment opportunities.

Program Model & Reach

DOT recruits and trains young university and college graduates –DOT Interns to deliver the ReachUp! curricula in various local communities across Kenya. The Interns not only train but also mentor and coach the participants as well as linking them to employment and education opportunities in their areas of interest. The skills attained by the participants enable them secure employment opportunities as well as make informed decisions regarding their career and education paths. Working closely with CBOs, NGOs, Schools, Youth Polytechnics and Empowerment Centers.

Who Benefits?

The ReachUp! program provides participants with the tools and training to help them advance their economic status and build successful, sustainable livelihoods. As its name suggests, the program drives participants to "reach up" and out to new empowerment and employment opportunities and strategies.

The DOT Kenya ReachUp! interns undergo comprehensive training. In addition to facilitation and training skills that allow them to effectively deliver the ReachUp! program, interns are also equipped with many skills required in the competitive 21st century career market, including advanced ICT, team work, communication, advocacy, and project management.

Impact at a Glance

The ReachUp! program is currently being delivered in the Counties in Kenya.

72,534 Kenyan community participants have benefited from the ReachUp! Program.

 More than 80% of former ReachUp! participants have initiated new livelihood projects, becoming newly employed, receiving job promotions, or enrolling in education institutions to further their education.

A total of 484 DOT Kenya Interns were trained and delivered the ReachUp! program to local communities.

Each Intern impacted the lives of more than 200 beneficiaries.

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