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DOT Kenya Programs Overview

ReachUp! is DOT Kenya's foundation economic program. It trains young university graduates in developing their self-confidence, business and technology knowledge to become leaders of change in their communities while engaging the women ,youths and marginalised communities in leading sustainable livelihoods. Read more...

StartUp! is our second economic program designed to help Interns work with their budding communities'  entrepreneurs to use technology in their micro-small sized entreprises. Read more...

Corporate Leadership and Volunteerism programs are delivered by DOT throughout Kenya in partnership with IBM. Read more...

Intern Personal Projects

As part of their social responsibility, interns at DOT are encouraged to come up with personal projects. These are usually created and implemented solely by the interns themselves in consideration of their various individual passions and interests. Interns' personal projects are voluntary basis and therefore there are no monetary gains for the initiators.

Majority of the interns are able to initiate at least one project by the time their intern period is over. However, there are exceptional cases where interns are able to initiate as many as three projects for the organization before the end of their intern period. It is through the project that many interns get to understand their personalities as well as their various strengths.

The various societies involved gain resourceful information from these projects without necessarily investing so much capital resources. These projects enable the interns to practice what they have learned about project planning and management. This is one of the core competencies covered during Training of Trainers (TOT) trainings. These projects are meant to inculcate the spirit of volunteerism among the interns with the aim of instilling in them the dire need to give back to the community. Through these projects therefore DOT has continuously managed to transform lives within and beyond the classroom trainings.

Opportunity Round Table Trainings

Round table opportunities are interactive meetings conducted by DOT staff and their interns during the final months of an individual's internship period. They are brainstorming sessions aimed at preparing the interns for the job market.

These sessions are in line with the Personal Development Plans (PDPs).This means that the interns work closely together with Program Officers and are expected to come up with a plan on how to achieve the same goals and that they are all geared towards making the interns better prepared for the job opportunities.

The assumption at this point is that the interns have had enough relevant practical experience and are thus ready for their various job markets. The organization's management board, and occasionally, external trainers and expert career consultants take the interns through rigorous sessions of job-searching, interviews, etc.

Considering that the interns are always consulted to handle the fields that they feel they need training, the Round Table sessions are among the most appreciated and resourceful sessions by the organization's interns.  

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