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DOT Kenya hosts career fair in Bungoma County

By Kevin Situma

The career fair dubbed 'career choices are your life choices' was held at the Kenya Red Cross, Kanduyi Branch. The fair whose main topic was on career planning and establishing businesses was well attended by 200 DOT participants some of whom graduated on the same day.

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DOT Kenya Interns attend IPD workshop

By Judy Muriuki – 2 Comments

During the week of 14th November, DOT Kenya facilitators came together at the Mvuli Suites in Nairobi for a 5-day Intern Professional Development workshop. During the workshop the facilitators were engaged in Facilitation Training, Career Planning, Social Enterprise and Gender Equality.

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'Dotting' to prisons

By Mibei Richard. – 1 Comment

In April this year, I was able to get a ReachUp! class of 33 students within the Kericho GK Women Prison in Keong’o, the class comprised of wardens and female prisoners who were to be released in 1 - 4 months.

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Increasing youth employability by imparting skills

By Judy Muriuki

Francis Ndirangu had just completed a Diploma in Business Information & Communication Technology (DBICT) from IAT when he joined the ReachUp! program in November 2015. He did his training at the One Stop Youth Centre with Carmilla Edalia as his trainer. I met him during his graduation ceremony where he told about the role DOT played in his career progression.

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Creating an impact with extension cables

By Judy Muriuki

After the business and entrepreneurship showcase at the Kenya Red Cross (KRCS) Laikipia branch I was determined to probe him further to find out his inspiration for his invention, and his dreams for his business and education. This is his story.

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Being a part of the youth week, Busia County

By Valence Musanga – 1 Comment

When we were being recruited to be DOT facilitators, one of the requirements was that we were supposed to have the passion of giving back to the community. DOT gave us this opportunity to empower our community members. As a ReachUp! facilitator I was expected to produce deliverables such as ensuring my participants were able to get employment, continuing their education or start a business. Truth is the organization gave us, facilitators, the opportunity to become all rounded individuals by allowing us to grow in all aspects of life not just in our careers.

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Friday August 12 is International Youth Day

By Dorah Nesoba

In 1999, in its resolution 54/120, the United Nations General Assembly declared August 12 International Youth Day (IYD). This gives an opportunity to celebrate young peoples’ views and initiatives. The first IYD was marked in the year 2000 as a means of raising awareness of issues affecting young people around the world. Since then, it has been marked annually. In Kenya, the national event will be in Nakuru County.

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When you start an online business, it's hard to know what success—or failure—looks like. A start-up entrepreneur faces the worst nightmares and challenges in his way. He has to look after all the aspects of the business right from budgeting, fund raising to marketing. Collins is one such entrepreneur and he took up the challenge after attending the StartUp! training at KNLS, Nakuru.

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For many fashion conscious buyers in Kenya, there is nothing quite like the experience of having a piece of clothing tailor-made by a professional with an eye for both design and detail.

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Since 2010, Kenya has been taking steps to curb alcohol abuse in various parts of the country. One farmer decided to use innovation to help.

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  • DOT Kenya Interns at…
    Judy Muriuki says:
    Hi Blessed Wonderful. We will not be having another workshop for a short while, however you can follow our website and social media pages i.e. Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for updates.
    2 months ago
  • Designing outfits ha…
    Judy Muriuki says:
    Thank you! Have you explored your passions and what business you can start inline with these passions?
    3 months ago
  • Designing outfits ha…
    chanteurdesigns says:
    Nice post! It is great idea to start a business in your passion. Thanks for sharing this post with us.
    3 months ago
  • DOT Kenya Interns at…
    Blessed Wonderful says:
    How do I participate in DOT programs? Is there a Social Enterprise Workshop coming up soon?
    5 months ago
  • 'Dotting' to prisons
    Mwalewa says:
    Kudos Mibei, it is so wonderful of you to dedicate your resources in impacting change in our community. We need such kind of individuals who are ready to take lead and help others realise their purpose irregardless of any of their misfortunes. Keep it up bro!
    5 months ago
  • StartUp! Participant…
    Mgeni Abdalla says:
    Am proud and impressed to see Youth of Likoni have real  change,I salute Dot.
    5 months ago

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