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DOT is a leading international social enterprise headquartered in Canada with local operations in 14 countries around the globe, including Kenya.

Harnessing the power of youth, DOT transforms young people (DOT Interns) into leaders of change as they facilitate technology, business, and entrepreneurial learning experiences to people in their own communities.

DOT's unique youth-led programs empower people living in communities that are developing, in transition, or under stress with the confidence to use technology for entrepreneurial, community, educational, and personal development.

Launched in 2002, DOT has mobilized the talent and energy of over 4,000 Interns worldwide - a powerful force for change. The impact of DOT's programs has reached 1 million people in communities and schools around the world helping them to develop an entrepreneurial spirit and technology and business skills that will last a lifetime.


Social Enterprise for Agriculture Program (SEAP)

Thank you for your interest in applying for the SEAP Program. See details below and Click on this link to submit your application
Human Centered DesignImmersion ExperienceIdea Pitching & Coaching
A mix of theory content through presentations, activities designed for empathy, problem statement breakdown, research, user journey design, creativity and innovation, mind mapping solutions and prototyping. 2-3 One-Day Field visits for observation, interview and connect with the farmers. Co-create innovative solutions with farmers that affect Agro value chains. Get attached to select farmers during and after the training.Pitch to judges comprising of local Farmers, Impact Investors, business leaders. Best 2 social enterprise ideas will be engaged for a period of 90 days: Focus on mentoring them from the pitching stage and bring them to reality
Target Participants
This program targets participants with a background in Agriculture or in business but with a strong passion in agriculture and have an interest in developing innovative agricultural solutions to challenges facing humanity

  Learning Schedule

Week 1
March 7Introduction to Design Thinking, Understanding the importance of understanding problems
March 8Problems mapping, cause/effect
March 9First site visit
March 10   Learning Empathy in Designing Solution, Affinity Diagramming
Week 2
March 14Creating a set of questions, Role playing, stakeholders mapping
March 15Site Visit, interviews, current solutions, clikcing pictures for research and insights
March 16Problem Validation, Problem Statement, Problem Brief
March 17Intro to Creativity and Innovation for Solution building and also Mid-Week Presentation for Problem statements

Week 3

(Also additional modules for Skype Sessions with Technology company WebJunto)

March 21              Introduction to Creativity and Innovation, Introduction to Technology Design
March 22Ideation exercises, Coming up with many ideas, Analogous Thinking, and h.w. for 3 stories of innovation
March 23Personification of ideas, Prototype building and getting ready for site visit
March 24Site visit for co-creation and getting feedback on imperfect ideas
Week 4
March 28Biz Modeling Day one
March 29Biz Modeling Day two
March 30Review of all business models and ideas and feedback, getting ready for pitch
March 31    Pitch Day

Application deadline

2nd March 2017

Use this link to submit your details

Payment Details:

Cheque (should be deposited at least 5 days before 7th)

  • Name: Digital Opportunity Trust Kenya
  • Bank: I&M Bank
  • Account: 00100923711410
  • Branch: Kenyatta Avenue

Mpesa to Bank:

  • Paybill Number 542542
  • Account No. 00100923711410

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