DOT Alumni

DOT Kenya Intern Alumni Network

A powerful business and social network for a new generation of change-makers.

Imagine an army of young people - well educated, tech-savvy, engaged. DOT Intern Alumni are motivated, poised and self-confident team players who have served their communities and who are committed to building their nation.
After completing their 9-month Internship with DOT, our Interns emerge as talented, experienced, and in-demand professionals with essential facilitation, coaching, mentoring, technology, and communications skills.

Once in DOT, always in DOT.

DOT Kenya is committed to fostering the personal and career growth of our Intern Alumnus through mentoring, professional networking, and coaching.
The DOT Kenya Alumni Network is a knowledge-sharing and social networking platform that connects Intern Alumni to executive mentors, private sector partners, job opportunities, business coaches, and financing opportunities for entrepreneurial ventures.

 DOT Kenya Interns and program participants continue to support each other in ongoing development and leadership initiatives. The Alumni Network provides access to mentors, coaches and enterprise resources and ensures that DOT's young leaders continue to have a positive impact in their communities.

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